But it was just a few bounces…

| September 1, 2014 | 0 Comments

We’ve all been there.

You finish watching your favorite NFL team lose a tight game and you can’t shake the feeling that if not for a few bounces, your boys would’ve chalked up a win.

There was no fourth quarter “SportsCenter moment”– think the 2012 Seahawks/Packers “Fail Mary” or the 2013 Patriots/Panthers pass interference reversal fiasco—but rather one or two or six “little” plays that could’ve gone either way.

There may have been an inaccurate spot, a phantom penalty, or a punt that nicked the heel of a member of the return team and created a free-for-all.

In fact, these things may ALL have happened. But if they occurred in the first quarter, they’ve already been forgotten.

Who won? Who lost? By Monday, that’s all that matters.

Technically, that’s true… but it shouldn’t be.


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